We are change fanatics working with businesses and individuals who need to change in order to survive and thrive.

In an ever-increasing constantly changing world and business environment, one of your key roles as a leader is to manage change successfully.

Almost 70% of change programmes fail, often not because the change wasn’t needed or innovative, but because the ‘people’ factor of change has been left unaddressed as it can be difficult, messy and not easily measured by ROI.


Meet your change specialist, Nandi Scorer

My experience spans over 35 successful years in corporates. 20 of those at executive level. As managing director twice.

I have been fortunate and awarded in a range of sporting codes.
I, therefore, understand what it is to set goals and work very hard to achieve them. To push through the deep cry to give up when things are tough. To lead a team.

I am passionate about the strength of diversity and facilitating people through change. I am a qualified Master Coach and Mediator.

I am an Enneagram practitioner.


Everything is about people.

We work with leaders who head up a business, organisation or team, who are aware that the organisation has to keep changing in order to succeed but don’t always know how. We'll help you make sense of the change process, and guide you to address and manage change in yourself and your organisation.

The Change Room draws on a team of specialist associates with proven track records in the corporate environment at executive level. A carefully selected team will work with you in order to manage effective and efficient change so that you achieve your objective on time, within budget and with the intended impact. You do not need to be part of the 70 % failure statistic.


The Change Room provides skilled support in the following areas.

Supporting leaders who have to lead and manage change but require support and expertise in order to do this successfully.

Coming alongside leaders who are new to a leadership role and want support for themselves and their teams during the transition.

Partnering Leaders in a complex and pressurized world to be effective whilst remaining authentic. Getting the best out of themselves and their teams.

Culture is the “way things are done around here”. Working with Leaders to ensure a high performance and collaborative culture so that the organisation can achieve its targets whilst being a great place to work.

Facilitate workshops to agree desired values and behaviours which inform organisational culture.

Facilitating Teams to embrace diversity in order to find and execute powerful and innovative solutions.

Facilitation of vision, mission, values and strategy.

Take the next step in successfully managing change in yourself or your organization.

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